This summer’s crop at Common Ground was a mixed bag. The lettuces and chard grew fast (too fast) while the strawberries gave up early on. The wet climate is (apparently) to blame for a poor tomato crop and for the pumpkins ripening in mid-september. The pumpkins have grown to a record size, but only a third of them made it to maturity, while the others rotted in the wet. The sweetcorn started off well enough, but something went wrong along the way, although that may or may not have something to do with a break-in we had in September (and a special thanks to the scumbag responsible for the damage caused). Of course, the runner beans did well, but runner beans always do well.

So the media tells us it’s been a lousy summer in the UK, the worst in years, apparently. Okay, so London wasn’t exactly the Costa Del Sol in August, but the weather wasn’t that bad, was it? It rains in England, it’s what happens, yet we still get so miffed about it. I don’t imagine Eskimos in Alaska get depressed about snow, but then again maybe they do too. Perhaps I’m being selective, but I can’t remember a summer in the past ten years that wasn’t criticized for not being normal enough, always either too hot or too cold, too dry or too wet. Some would say it’s a sign of climate change, some would say it’s just the climate being unpredictable as it always has been. All I know is that gardening, like the weather, is not an exact science, gardening books are there to give general guidelines, but that’s what they are, just guidelines. The weather will do what it does, and a good gardener knows how to adapt.

All I need to do now is become a good gardener.


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